I Do! I Do!
Musical - Music: Harvey Schmidt, Lyrics & Book: Tom Jones
from the play The Fourposter by: Jan de Hartog
Touring South Florida - (To fit in community ballrooms)


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I Do! I Do! Chapel Preset


I Do! I Do! Prologue

All the Dearly Beloved
(Act: 1 - Prologue)

I Do! I Do! Wedding Chapel- Together Forever

Together Forever,
(Wedding Chapel)

I Do! I Do Main Set Transition-I Do! I Do

I Do! I Do!
(Transition to Main Set)

I Do! I Do!-Good Night

Good Night

I Do! I Do!-I Love My Wife

I Love My Wife

I Do! I Do!-Something Has Happened

Something Has Happened

I Do! I Do!-My Cup Runneth Over

My Cup Runneth Over

I Do! I Do!-Love Isn't Everything

Love Isn't Everything

I Do! I Do!-Nobody's Perfect

Nobody's Perfect

I Do! I Do!-A Well Known Fact

A Well Known Fact

I Do! I Do!-Flaming Agnes

Flaming Agnes

I Do! I Do!-The Honeymoon Is Over

The Honeymoon Is Over

I Do! I Do!-Where Are the Snows
• Where Are the Snows
• When the Kids Get Married
• The Father of the Bride
• What Is a Woman
(Act: 2)
I Do! I Do!-Someone Needs Me
Someone Needs Me
I Do! I Do!-Roll up the Ribbons
Roll up the Ribbons
I Do! I Do! Ageing Transition
Time Transition
(Make-Up Tables & Mirrors)
I Do! I Do!-This House
This House
I Do! I Do!-Set Elements
(Set Elements)