Auntie Mame
Play by: Jerome Lawrence & Robert E. Lee-from the novel by: Patrick Dennis
Saint Bart's Playhouse, Park Avenue, New York


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Auntie Mame Apartment Door

Beekman St. Apartment Hallway Enterance

Auntie Mame Set Asian

Beekman St. Apartment
(Chinese Decor)

Auntie Mame On and Off Stage Theater Set

Shubert Theatre
New Haven
(On-stage & Back Stage)

Auntie Mame Switchboard Set

Widdicome, Gutterman, Applewhite, Bibberman and Black

Auntie Mame Macy's Set

Macy's Herald Square
(Roller Skate Counter)

Auntie Mame Christmas Set

Beekman St. Apartment
(After Black Friday)

Mame Plantation Set

Peckerwood, Georgia

Auntie Mame Alps Set

The Alps

Auntie Mame Library Set

Beekman St. Apartment
(Literary Decor)

Auntie Mame Upsen Downs Set

Upsen Downs, Connecticut

Auntie Mame Avant-guard Set

Beekman St. Apartment
(Avant-guard Decor)

Auntie Mame India Set

Beekman St. Apartment
(East Indian Decor)

Picture During Construction

(During Construction
of the Set)