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Focus of the Heart Cover Design


Focus of the Heart-2008

(Western orchestra, Traditional Chinese orchestra, with solo: sheng, Chinese flute, & piano)

-two act ballet

Music by: Andrew Thomas
Story & poem by:
Howard L. Kessler

Copyright © 2007, 2008, 2009
China's recognition of the Copyright from WTO Dec. 22, 2001

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Focus of the Heart

The frame of the child's first window,
shapes the whole of its lifetime,
where growth and awareness,
are experienced through the imperfect glass.

Where ever the child goes in later life,
home will forever be
'just inside the first window'-
where the focus of the heart
is 'just on the other side.'

Howard L. Kessler (b: 1949)

Program Notes:

Dance Cast

Uncle (A Traditional Chinese Sheng Player)
Niece (As Child & Mirror reflection as Traditional Dancer)
Niece (As Woman)
Traditional Village Dance Teacher
Ballet Teacher
Solo Chinese flute
Solo erhu
2 pipas (one old, one young)
Solo pianist (Non-Dancer)
2 State Officials
A Child

Corps de Ballet/ Traditional Dancers/ People of the Village/ Backstage People

Act 1 The Village (GuangXi Provence, PR China)
Act 2 The City (Beijing ten years later)

Author's Introduction:

For each civilization that has passed- it is the art that is remembered. The strength of the people to keep their art alive is the true illustration of their character. Progress is the challenge for each generation to build upon the best of what 'was' and to create the art for the future- to look back upon and to develop from.