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Crane by the River Li Cover Design


Crane by
the River Li-2005

(traditional Chinese orchestra)


Music by: Andrew Thomas

Copyright © 2005

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Program Notes: Crane by the Li River is a short work for traditional Chinese orchestra. It is a ‘testing of the waters’ work to see if I could in fact write a piece for these very different instruments that I had been studying for just a years or two in 2005. When I presented it to Prof. Wu Yuanxiong, Vice-Director of the Music Department, Guangxi Art College/Institute (also a composer) he read my score with great joy and congratulated me until he saw one spot. He relayed to our interpreter. “This instrument has no ‘F’.” There were a few instances like this. Very different from Western instruments the ranges vary from instrument to instrument of the same kind, not just similar type. Certain combinations of tones can be played on certain instruments and some combinations are simply unattainable by a single instrument. Some instruments can be played softer, but not soft enough not to drownd out other instruments playing notes in the same range. More than, for me, learning about new instruments, musical styles, and an exciting new culture, it made me ponder my own world. It made me think about the many young students from other cultures that I had the privilege to teach. It made me appreciate what they need to go through coming to the West. I dedicate this work to the students and teachers at the Guangxi Art College/Institute who helped instruct me with great kindness and patience. I was and am privileged to be their student.

Premiered: 2005, Attached Middle School of The Guangxi Arts College, Andrew Thomas, Conductor