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A Samba Cover Design

A Samba-2004

(2 solo flutes, 2 flute choirs, piano, harp, strings, 2 percussion)
Also 2nd edition: (2 solo flutes, 2 flute choirs, 2 piano, harp, 2 percussion)

Music by: Andrew Thomas

Information parts & score available through: Get a Business Card

Scored for:
2 solo flutes with 2 whistles
2 flute choirs
2 violins
double bass
2 percussionists playing:
agogo bells
snair drum with wire brushes
pedal bass drums

Premiered & Commissioned: 2004, The Juilliard School, Carol Wincenc & Robert Longevin

Program Notes:
“A Samba” was commissioned by Carol Wincenc and Robert Longevin as a bravura grand finale to their joint recital at Juilliard in 2004. It also showed off their flute students and included anyone else who accompanied during that recital. Like a collage, composer, Andrew Thomas gathered up the musical elements, mixed the instrumental pieces, and layered them into a work of great exhilaration and much humor. Andy conducted the premier of this rhythmically charged musical firework display.

Original development Notes:
Antiphonal work with 2 flute soloists.
Flute clusters.
Echos - build to canons
14 part Canon
Solo ‘chase’ canons - very fast with ‘choral’ interruptions
Song structure
end: Chromatic scale in octaves going up. Harp and piano glissandi.
Also rising ‘barber poles’ with evolving piano/harp harmonies.
Boat and train whistles
Trill section in middle of dance.‘Palm court’ feeling.