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From Old Grandmother’s Reminiscences Cover Design


From Old Grandmother’s Reminiscences-1998



Music by: Andrew Thomas

Copyright ©1998

Information available through: Get a Business Card

Original development Notes:

Avoid the following note combos in the upper register
Check the orchestration books!
Length 10- 12’
3 movements
avoid close leaps in the lower register and also anything involving Eb D C back and forth is awkward - Bb to Eb Db C Cb Bb is awkward. Avoid the Bb Db trill

Lowest register is the hardest. Middle register around middle C and the high register are easier. If you spend too much time in the upper register, the reed may be stiff and the embouchure may not respond well.

20 seconds is a good length in the middle register. The lower resister is closer.

Double tonguing is possible but not flutter. Middle and high register You can do this real fast for 8- 10 beats. Fingerings are the hardest part of this. Single note double tonguing is easier.

Write beautiful lyrical passages/ also jazz licks

Commission & Premiere: Northwestern University, James Jeter, bassoon
Also: 2006 Double-reed convention