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Wonderful Story-1995

(Suprano voice & piano)


Music by: Andrew Thomas
Lyrics by:
Gene Scheer

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Wonderful Story

For years he told the story of how we met.
My umbrella fell apart and I got all wet.
He moved up close and not a word he said
As he placed his umbrella up over my head.

I looked up and smiled. As the light changed
We walked to the corner, he asked my name.
He tells how “two years later from the moment she smiled!
Two years later we walked down the aisle.”

It’s a wonderful story I’m telling to you.
Wonderful story! Too bad it’s not true!

It is true the day we met there was wind and rain.
I watched him try to fold a map in vain.
He had no umbrella, was completely soaked.
He saw me smile and (then) quickly approached.

He said he was lost, looking for the cafe.
Asked me were it might be, I said I’m going that way.
So I placed my umbrella up over his head!
It was three years later that we were wed!

In his wonderful story he’s such a Don Juan.
Should I tell him the truth? No, let him dream on!

Gene Scheer