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The Concert Review-1995

(Suprano voice & piano)


Music by: Andrew Thomas
Lyrics by:
Gene Scheer

Information Parts & score available through: Get a Business Card

The Concert Review

Some beautiful music was sung last night in ‘town hall’ (fill in blank). Unfortunately it was not sung well. An eminently forgettable interpretative skill married to the “little vocal technique” which unfortunately could not make this reviewer think back with longing to memories of Saturday afternoons, growing up in Indiana watching tractor pulls. Songs of love, of loss, of death and of celebration were performed with an emotional intensity usually reserved for folding towels. If not for the jarring register breaks, one might have been lulled to sleep by such a colorless vocal palate. But sleep was not an alternative amid this Pickett’s charge of vocal attacks, in which each note was blown apart, spun around, and then fell ignominiously to its death. There is often a feeling that a good performance comes from the earth, connecting the listener to a sacred primordial resonance hidden deep within his heart. And then there is the type of performance witnessed last night, connecting a listener to a world view in which not only is God dead, but before he died he cut humanity off to float alone into the void of time and space. There is just one more thing to mention-- I didn’t like her dress.
Hey, not too bad . . . Better than my review in Cincinnati.

(Put in the folding of the newspaper as a percussive effect)

Gene Scheer