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Say anything but good-bye-1995

(baratone voice & piano)


Music by: Andrew Thomas
Lyrics by:
Gene Scheer

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Say anything, say anything but good-bye

Tell me what you’re listening to.
Tell me what you’ve seen.
What’s outside the window,
What the silence means.
Tell me the same old stories I’ve heard a thousand times before.
Tell me every little thing and then tell me more,
But don’t hang up the phone.
Stay and try,
Say anything, say anything but good-bye.

Tell me. Tell me. Set my mind at ease.
Say anything, say anything, - please. . .

Tell me about the first time I held your hand.
Tell me the slightest detail. Tell me your grandest plans.
Tell me about the memories that you can not replace.
Tell me when you close your eyes
You sometimes see my face.
But don’t hang up the phone.
Stay and try. . . .
Say anything, say anything, say anything. . . . . . .

Gene Scheer