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Another New Voice Teacher Cover design


Another New Voice Teacher-1995

(high soprano voice & piano)
2nd version (
high soprano C voice & full orchestra
3rd version (high soprano Bb voice & full orchestra)

4th version (high soprano C voice & chamber orchestra


Music by: Andrew Thomas
Lyrics by:
Gene Scheer

Information Parts & score available through: Get a Business Card

Another New Voice Teacher

I just found another new voice teacher
and now I'm expecting great things.
I'm finding a place, a cavernous space,
a spot in my forehead that rings.

I just found another new voice teacher
who thinks I have nothing to fear,
who believes with her power,
for a hundred an hour,
it's certain I'll have a career.

The master of technical problems.
A therapist, preacher, my friend,
Who makes me feel this time it's different,
that my debut is just 'round the bend.

I just found another new voice teacher
a genius who knows how to speak
in metaphors which
brilliantly stitch
together a perfect technique.

You're a plane, you're a train.
You're a light bulb in Spain
that's suspended in limitless the sky.
Your nose is a hose
through which all the sound flows,
like taffy on the fourth of July.
In your throat there's a yam,
your soft palate's a clam
and your sound flies up like a balloon.
You have to pretend your IQ is ten
and your tone is as round as the moon.

I just found another new voice teacher
whom cleverly I have selected.
Not only my voice dictated the choice
for I wanted somebody connected!

I just found another new voice teacher.
I know that it's finally my time.
For my voice teacher knows someone who knows
Someone who knows,
Someone who knows,
Someone who knows:
Jimmy Levine!

Gene Scheer

Performances: Lincoln Center Live: Renée Fleming, soprano & The Orpheus Chamber Orchestra