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Four Scenes from the Summer Palace Cover Design


Four Scenes from
the Summer Palace-1990


Music by: Andrew Thomas
Text by:
Andrew Thomas & Laozi

Copyright © PA 1-284-410

Information Parts & score available through: G. Schirmer, Inc. and Associated Music Publishers, Inc. click- on “Rent” and fill out Rental Form

Scored for:
flute (piccolo)
----snare drum
----bass drum
----med. gong
----small gong
----crash cymbal
----suspended cymbal
----tubular chimes
----orchestra bells
----hard sticks

(to be read with some humor)

The Emperor Ascends the Jade Throne

The Emperor is coming! The courtiers scurry back and forth, back and forth. From afar comes the call of horns. Now the Temple Priests purify the Throne Room. He is here! He enters the room and mounts the throne. Sitting, he scowls and convulsively shakes his long white mane. The Emperor is very, very angry!

The Empress Dispatches the Princess Yu Mei with a Poisoned Embroidery

The Empress sits placidly while the Princess Yu Mei (Jade Flower) sinks howling to the floor. She ponders her situation, and, with neat, precise, considered gestures, she bites a kumquat.

Moon over the Palace, Mist in the Mountains

Soaring, lonely moon,
Pale, slate tiles,
In the distant range
A kestrel cry!
- Anon

The Emperor Exemplifies the Nine Celestial Harmonies

A thing that is still is easy to hold.
Given no omen, it is easy to plan.
Soft things are easy to melt.
Small particles scatter easily.
The time to take care is before it is done.
Establish order before confusion sets in.
Tree trunks around which you can reach with
your arms were at first only minuscule sprouts.
A nine-storied terrace began with a clod.
A thousand-mile journey began with a foot put down.

Andrew Thomas &
Laozi (Chinese: 老子; pinyin: Lǎozǐ) 6th century BC

Program Notes:
This music is composed for the players of the Pre-College Chamber Orchestra at The Juilliard School. It is dedicated to them and to their Conductor, Eugene Becker. The composition is scored for one Flute (doubling Piccolo), one Oboe, one Clarinet, one Bassoon, two Horns, one Trumpet, one Trombone, Percussion, and Strings.

Premiered: 1990, The Juilliard School, Eugene Becker, Conductor
Also: 2002, Guangxi Arts College Youth Orchestra, Nanning, PR China, Andrew Thomas, Conductor
2004 Prime Symphony Orchestra in Seoul, S Korea, Andrew Thomas,