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Music at Twilight Cover Design


Music at Twilight-1986



Music by: Andrew Thomas
poem by: Joseph von Eichendorff

Copyright © PA 1-284-434

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Music at Twilight

Schweigt der Menschen laute Lust:
Rauscht die Erde wie im Träumen
Wunderbar mit allen Bäumen,
Was dem Herzen kaum bewusst,
Alte Zeiten, linde Trauer,
Und es schweifen leise Schauer
Wetterleuchtend durch die Brust.

Hold the people loud Lust:
Rauscht the earth as in dreams
Wunderbar with all the trees,
What the heart hardly aware
Old times, linde mourning,
And it drift quietly Showers
Wetterleuchtend through the chest.

Joseph von Eichendorff (March 10, 1788 – November 26, 1857)

I composed Music at Twilight in 1986 for the American composer and pianist Jed Distler. The music, which is an homage to the Nocturnes of Gabriel Fauré, evokes the half - light and gathering darkness of evening by a pond on the edge of a forest.

- A.T.

Premiere: 1986 New York City, Jed Distler
Also: 1999 the Juilliard School Andrew Thomas, piano
2001 Hong Kong, PR, China Andrew Thomas, piano
2002 Guang Zhou, Pr China Andrew Thomas, piano