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Brief, On a Flying Night Cover Design


Brief, On a
Flying Night-1986

(marimba & vibraphone)


Music by: Andrew Thomas
poem by: Alice Meynell

Published through: Get a Business Card

Copyright © PAu3-016-474


Brief, on a flying night,
From the shaken tower,
A flock of bells take flight,
And go with the hour.

Like birds from the cote to the gales,
Abrupt- O hark!
A fleet of bells set sails,
and go to the dark.

Sudden the cold air swing,
Alone, aloud,
A verse of bells take wing,
And flies with the cloud.

Alice Christiana Gertrude Thompson Meynell (September 22, 1847 - November 27, 1922)

for: Maria Vom Lehn

Premiere: 1986 The Peabody School