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Music at Twilight Cover Design


Dirge In Woods-1973

(soprano voice, harp, percussion [orchestra bells, vibraphone, marimba])


Music by: Andrew Thomas
Poem by: George Meredith

Published by: JW Pepper at
Recording: Opus one No. 28, Jeanne Ommerle, Alyssa Hess, & Joseph Passaro


Dirge in Woods

A wind sways the pines,
And below
Not a breath of wild air;
Still as the mosses that glow
On the flooring and over the lines
Of the roots here and there.
The pine-tree drops its dead;
They are quiet, as under the sea.
Overhead, overhead
Rushes life in a race,
As the clouds the clouds chase;
And we go,
And we drop like the fruits of the tree,
Even we,
Even so

George Meredith, OM (February 12, 1828 – May 18, 1909)

Program Notes:

Harp harmonics are notated where they are played; they sound an octave higher. Harmonics at the twelfth are also used in this work and are so notated.

The glockenspiel part is notated an octave lower than sounded.

-in memory of Hall Overton (1920-1972)

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