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An Wasserflüssen Babylon- 1973

(2 Pianos)

Music by: Andrew Thomas
Poem by:
Wolfgang Dachstein
(rév) Psalm 137, Verfolgte Kirche, Reformation, Israel
Johann Sebastian Bach, Chorals, vol. 3
A Lamb Goes Uncomplaining Forth

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Copyright © 1973

An Wasserflüssen Babylon, (1525)
An water rivers Babylon

PS 137
English translated text

At Babylon water rivers
As we sat with pain,
When we thought of Zion,
As we wept from the heart,
We hung on with a heavy courage
The harps and well-organized
At its Trees of pastures,
The indoors are in their country,
Because we had a lot of shame and Schand
Every day they suffer.

The prisoner gave us long
How hard at the same places
Begehreten of us a song
With words even spöttlichen
And looked in the sadness
A fröhlichn Gsang in our suffering
Oh dear doing us sing
A doxology, a Liedlein already
Of the poems from Zion,
The cheerfully doing concert.

How are we in such coercion
And misery, now available,
The men sing a song
Even in foreign lands?
Jerusalem, I forget yours,
How would God, the G'rechte, my
Forget meim in life,
If I do not keep your mind
My tongue hang on the top ane
And keep on sticking throat.

Yes, if I disagree with wholeheartedly Fleiss,
Jerusalem, you honor,
In the beginning of my joy Price
From now and immermehre,
Commemoration of the children Edom very,
On the day of Jerusalem, O Lord,
In spite of talk:
Reiss, reiss from all of that hour,
Vertilg even down to the ground,
Wolln the ground we break!

The disdainful daughter Babylon,
Zerbrochen and zerstöret,
The charity, which is the reward you gebn
And you, the wiederkehret,
Your high spirits and Schalkheit large,
And you also attaches with such Mass.,
As you we have measured;
The welfare of your small children
Recorded and proposes them to a stone,
This is your password!

Pslm 137

Wolfgang Dachstein (1487-1553)

Premiered: 1973 The Juilliard School
Recording: Opus One Records