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Dances on the Cuchabamba-
la Pampas Railway-1970

(piano four hands with percussion)

Music by: Andrew Thomas

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Copyright © 1970

Program Notes: I wrote 'Dances on the Cuchabamba Las Pampas Railway' many years back for Jonathan Hollander and The Battery Dance Company. The music is scored for Piano - 4 Hands and Percussion, and the pianists play the percussion instruments simultaneously as they play piano. For the title, I chose two Latin American cities for the marvelous sound of their names, and for the fact that since both cities lie on the spine of the Andes Mountains, it would be an engineering impossibility to construct a railroad between the two sites. I hope this describes the delight and waywardness of the score. Andrew Violette, premiered the work with me and again on my 65th birthday recital on Saturday October 9, 2004 in the Juilliard Theater.

Premiered: 1970 Andrew Violette, piano & percussion
Andrew Thomas,
piano & percussion
Also:2004 Andrew Violette, piano & percussion
Andrew Thomas,
piano & percussion